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Γεώργιος Κακουλίδης
CEO, Apollo SA | Πρόεδρος Δ.Σ., ΕΣΠΥ

George Kakoulidis is the CEO of Apollo SA (, an established healthcare IT company. For more than 20 years, he has been designing and participating in both public and private technological advancement initiatives in the fields of Healthcare and Social Security.

In 2003 he becomes one of the founding members of HL7 Hellas ( holding a number of positions (vice chairman, general director). Today he is a member of the board.

In 2011, together with healthcare professionals, he develops Open Health Alliance (, a large Health community that shares the values of patient centricity and open collaboration among doctors and patients. He is a member of the board to this day.

In 2014, he foresees the need for an official representation of the Health IT sector in Greece so he is founding ESPY the Hellenic Health Informatics Association He is currently the Chairman.

His latest project, is founding Asklepieia Health Cluster (, a large scale Cooperative Network, focusing on Health and Wellness Tourism. It constitutes of HealthCare providers, Hospitality businesses and Technocrats who invest in quality of service, aiming to establish Greece #1 destination of choice for Health and Wellness.

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